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SFC BRAND Healthy and delicious, SFC Bio

Watermelon soda
enjoy sweet watermelon that comes in a soda can
Product type Soda
Volume 350ml
Main ingredients 3% watermelon juice (domestically produced), xylitol, high fructose corn syrup, carbon dioxide

Various ways to drink

  • Enjoy it with ice or as a fruit flavored drink by mixing with beer or soju!
  • Goes well with oily foods like chicken or pizza

Pretty design that stands out

  • It’s as if you are eating a real watermelon!
  • Thanks to the friendly and lifelike design of the watermelon soda, it sold more than 10 million cans since its launch
Melon Soda
Melon-flavored sparkling soda
Product type Soda
Volume 350ml
Main ingredients Melon concentrate 0.74% (solid: 65%, Israel), Purified water, Synthetic Flavors (melon flavor and citrus flavor), Vitamin C

A variety of uses

  • Make your own fruit liquor by mixing Melon Soda with soju or vodka and ice!
  • Enjoy Melon Soda with greasy food such as fried chicken and pizza.

Just melon flavored soda? No! Melon Soda includes a 0.74% melon concentrate

  • The melon concentrate presents a more realistic melon taste
Cherry Blossom Soda
Sweet cherry blossoms meet refreshing soda
Product type Soda
Volume 350ml
Main ingredients Cherry blossom extract powder 0.011% (China), White sugar, Vitamin C, Citric acid, Trisodium citrate

Enjoy the delicate scent of cherry blossom spreading in your mouth.

  • Cozy scents of cherry blossom comforting you

Desirable fancy package design

  • Desirable design showing a harmony of warm colors and cherry blossom
Korean Rose Soda
Soft soda made of Korean roses
Product type Soda
Volume 350ml
Main ingredients Korean rose concentrate 0.1% (solid: over 4%, Korea), Hibiscus extract powder (France), Refined sugar, Vitamin C, Carbon dioxide

Fragrant Korean rose-flavored soda

  • Made of a Korean rose concentrate

The natural red color of hibiscus

  • Color additive free soda
  • Made of French hibiscus extract powder

Desirable fancy package design

  • New-tro design of a pink color and flowers
Plum soda
Sweet plum made even sweeter
Product type Soda
Volume 350ml
Main ingredients Plum concentrates 1.5% (fruit juice 14.5%), high fructose corn syrup, vitamin C, etc.

Korea’s first and only plum-flavored soda

  • Korea’s only plum soda which contains 14.5% of real plum juice, adding to a natural scent and taste of plums

Low carbonic acid, real plums

  • Easier to drink with lower carbonic acids of Vol3.2, Maximized the real taste of plums with an addition of real-type natural scent of plums

Premium soda with high concentration of fruit juice

  • Differentiated in taste from other sodas with mere addition of scent and color
Mango soda
Sweet mango meets soft milk
Product type Soda
Volume 350ml
Main ingredients Mango puree 0.05% (fruit juice 0.1%), high fructose corn syrup, carbon dioxide

Enjoy mangos easily and every day with soft drinks

  • Mango’s sweetness and milk’s softness comes together in a refreshing package of mango soda

Korea’s only milk-based carbonated drink in mango flavor

  • Mango + soda + milk = mango soda! Milk makes it softer for you swallow. Mango Soda sold more than 4,500,000 cans since its launch.
Watermelon Tong-tong
A fascinating harmony between sweet chocolate and
red watermelon
Product type Chocolate processed goods
Volume 29g(per piece) * 12 (4p also available)
Main ingredients Watermelon concentrates (domestic), flour, starch syrup, cocoa powder, etc.

Sweet chocolate and refreshing watermelon come together

  • With the red inside and green outside of a watermelon realistically created, the chocolate pie adds an element of fun as if eating a real watermelon

World’s first chocolate pie with watermelon concentrates

  • The world and Korea’s first watermelon chocolate pie with watermelon extracts, domestically grown 0.23% (watermelon juice extract 1.3%)

Color that looks delicious

  • The chocolate is rich in red flesh and green skin of the watermelon