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SFC BRAND Healthy and delicious, SFC Bio

Enfant Sweet Bear (3 types)
Natural nutritious snack of three different flavors
Product type Snack
Volume 30g
Main ingredients Organic rice (Korea), Organic rice syrup, Organic sugar

A healthy snack made of organic ingredients only

  • Made of organic rice and organic rice syrup

Enjoy the healthy sweet taste of traditional grain syrup

  • Made of traditional grain syrup without any additives

Reliable brand, “Enfant”

  • A healthy snack made by Enfant that has been trusted by customers for a long period of time
Enfant Rice Bear Chips (3 types)
Adorable bear shaped rice snack showing mother’s heart
Product type Snack
Volume 12g
Main ingredients Organic rice (Korea), Kosher salt, Enzymatically modified stevia

A safe snack made of organic rice

  • Including 89.3% Korean organic rice

Able to be used both as snack and baby food

  • Your kid can enjoy the adorable bear-shaped chips as snack!
  • Make baby food by adding some warm water to the chips!

Reliable brand, “Enfant”

  • A healthy snack made by Enfant that has been trusted by customers for a long period of time
Zinc Gummy
Healthy immune system for children
Product Type Health functional foods
Volume 2 * 8g*90 units
Main ingredients Gluconic acid zinc, starch syrup, refined white sugar, gelatin, D-sorbitol solution, citric acid, natural flavoring substance (orange flavor), orange concentrates (Brazil), purified water, pectin, edible oil products (refined processed milk: Indonesia), gold compound extracts (gold extracts (Korea)), licorice extracts (Korea), dextrin, lactic acid, date concentrates (Korea), astragalus membranaceus concentrates, fertilized stevia, nicotinamide, colostrum powder, mixed vegetable powder, vitamin B6 hydrochloride, vitamin B1 nitrate, vitamin B2

Tender, easy and delicious!

  • Traditional health functional foods were hard, difficult to eat and not tasty. Meet a more tender, easier and more delicious version of gummy jellies

Adheres to the recommended intake of children's zinc

  • Made with exactly the recommended zinc intake for children!
  • 8mg of zinc is 100% of recommended daily zinc intake for children aged 9-14

NO artificial flavors, NO artificial sweeteners

  • NO artificial flavors, NO artificial sweeteners for healthier intake of zinc

Meticulous selection of additional ingredients!

  • Even the additional ingredients are chosen carefully and meticulously
  • Colostrum powder, orange concentrates, gold compound extracts, 12 mixed vegetable powder, vitamins B1, B2 and B6
Hi Ki Keo Chewable
Chewable candy designed to enhance children’s growth
Product Type Patented growth process food
Volume 600 mg × 40 tablets × 4packs (intake standards: Younger than 6 – 2 tablets per day / 6 and older – 4 tablets per day
Main ingredients Xylitol, whey calcium, Vitamins A,B,C,D, magnesium, zinc, amino acid, mixed vegetable powder, DHA

Contains a patented ingredient that helps with children’s growth development

  • Contains CBP, a patented ingredient (Cholostrum Basic Powder)
  • Patented in 4 countries (Korea, China, Australia, New Zealand)

Easy for children aged 2 and older to consume

  • Easy to swallow with chewable tablets, delicious with strawberry flavor

Sold in Korean pharmacies

  • A product you can trust, chosen and sold by professionals (pharmacists)
Hoho Laver for Kids
Organic laver for children, salt and oil-free
Product Type Organic laver for kids
Volume 1pcak (2.5g×3packs)
Main ingredients Organic laver (Korea)100%

Safe laver for children

  • The only product organically approved in the U.S., China and Korea
  • Grown in safe facilities in contaminant-free environment of the oceans
  • Foreign substances naturally removed by the sunlight and not by using edible hydrochloric acids

Healthy laver for children

  • No unnecessary additives such as salt or oil

Roasted twice, tastes better

  • flavorful and delicious even without salt and oil