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FAC for your Joints : Collaborative research & development product with professor Lee Sangcheol, president of the academy for pain at Seoul National University
Product Type Individually recognized health functional food
Volume 330 mg × 120 capsules (intake standards- twice per day, 2 capsules per serving)
Main ingredients Main ingredients: FAC (Fatty Acid Complex), additional ingredients – shark cartilage powder, seaweed powder, magnesium

Finished human clinical experiment in Seoul National University Hospital, the country’s most prestigious hospital

  • Clinically proven efficient in the best clinical testing facilities

Joint R&D with ‘Professor Lee Sang-Chul,’ a renowned doctor in pain studies

  • Joint R&D with Professor Lee Sang-Chul, the Director of Seoul National University Pain Society

SCI papers have been published

  • A paper has been published in the world-renowned Medicine for exceptional pain relief effects
  • 60~70% of pain was reduced within 2 weeks since intake (clinical results)

Launched in Korean home shopping channels

  • Launched in NS Live Home shopping with extensive marketing activities
Zinc Gummy: Chewy, convenient, and tasty! Get your daily dose of zinc!
Product Type Health functional foods
Volume 2,800 mg * 90ea / 10 kacl (ea)
- Infants to Five Years / One Day
- 6 to 14 years old / Two a day
- Middle and High Adults / Three per Day
Main ingredients Gluconic acid zinc, orange concentrate, gelatin, natural flavouring (orange), vitamin b1, vitamin B2

Tender, easy and delicious!

  • Traditional health functional foods were hard, difficult to eat and not tasty. Meet a more tender, easier and more delicious version of gummy jellies.

Comply with the recommended intake of zinc for children

  • Products made with correct recommended child intake

NO artificial flavors, NO artificial sweeteners

  • NO artificial flavors, NO artificial sweeteners for healthier intake of zinc

Children's products that are more reliable because they are an enfant.

  • Quality assurance as a product of research, development and sale by SFC Bio under a joint business contract with Seoul Milk.